Tips on How to Take Care of the Canario Dogs

Canario dogs might be one of the rarest breeds on the planet, but it is a great dog to have around, whether you want a companion, a watcher or just a pet that will keep your kids busy. It is also one of the smartest dogs that will grasp commands much faster. They are intelligent and are capable of learning many things including obedience, watchfulness and more. But just like any other dog, these wonderful breed needs great care.

Here are tips on how to take care of Canario dogs

1. Training

Even though training this dog doesn’t require much work, it is vital that you start training them earlier. The best time is when you bring them home as a puppy. According to, before you start training, give it a shorter name and list down the house rules you want it to follow. Start by training it the important commands such as sit, come, stay, no and more. While doing this remember to reward it when it does something good. Keep in mind; training a dog requires more time. So, if you are always busy, hire a dog trainer.

2. Socialization

Canario dog is a natural hunter and will want to chase any pet it finds around. Unfortunately, this is not one of the best traits you want for a pet. You can take it to puppy class so that he can learn to socialize with other dogs. You can also take it with you to visit friends and neighbors or outing at business centers. By doing this, you will help it learn not to discriminate any pet or person it comes around. Once it gets used to people, it will be able to play with your kids successfully.

3. Freedom

You don’t want your Canario dog feeling restricted. But you also don’t want to give it all the freedom to do what it wants in your house. This dog breed is one of the good chewers and can damage a lot of things including your furniture. So, try not to give it all the freedom until it has learned the rules of the house. The best way to deal with a Canario puppy is to give it a house and letting it out only when you want it to eat or play. Also, to prevent it from chewing things, you can keep it busy by taking it to classes or playing.

17294. Exercising

Canario is one of the most active dogs you will find on the planet. Letting it sleep in its kennel or on your couch the whole day won’t do it any good. So, exercise with it. You can take it for a walk every day in the evening hours, play with it fetch, take it to an outing or make it work to get a treat. You can also encourage it to run up and down the stairs, get it on a treadmill or go jogging with it. Doing this will also help you stay in shape.

5. Living conditions

As mentioned earlier, Canario is one of the dog breeds you don’t want to feel restricted. Reason being, they will become restless, and probably they will try keeping themselves engaged by chewing and destroying things. Since it is a playful dog, ensure that the space you’ve set aside for it to play is large enough. Also, ensure that space is well protected and kept clean at all times.

6. Medical needs

These dogs are not usually prone to diseases, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get ill. So, let the vet decide if it is sick or not. If you see any distressing symptom take it to a vet for a check-up. It is also important that you take it to a vet once in a while so that you don’t miss anything.

7. Grooming

The great thing about this dog is that it sheds a lot. It has a short and rough coat that it is easy to groom. Just wipe its coat off using a towel to bring out a gleaming finish. Also, remember to wash it using a dog shampoo at least once every week. When washing, remember to check hidden places such as ears, under the tail and more.

Canario dog is a great breed to keep, but only if you can give it all it needs to stay healthy and clean. Keep in mind; it is just like any other dog. If you can feed it well and give it the seven things mentioned above, it can make a great companion to have around your home.


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