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The Importance Of Quality Dog Supplements


While dog food contains a lot of useful nutrients for your dog, the truth is they are in no way a complete solution for making sure your dog’s quality of life is maximized. Much of the vitamins found in foods are many times stripped during processing, which means an important nutrient loss happens. With the absence of some supplements, your dog may not get all the required nutrients to stay healthy and prevent development of certain conditions that could endanger its life. Let us look at some of the important nutrients and supplements your dog should have access to.




Omega 3 and fatty acids are crucial for any dog’s well being. These nutrients can be found in cold water fish like salmon and are important in the prevention and treatment of arthritis, cancer and many other conditions. Omega 3 will lower your dog’s cholesterol level and will protect him from getting all kinds of dangerous allergies. These are common conditions for dogs as they age, so you should always try supplementing their food with the much needed extra nutrients.




These consist of useful bacteria and yeast that will actually improve or even restore the levels of bacteria in a dog’s intestinal tract. Probiotics will work to combat harmful bacteria that can grow out of control because of certain medication, changes in diet and other disorders related to poor digestion (ex: diarrhea, vomiting etc). Intestinal issues can be linked to problems like arthritis, asthma, yeast infections, irritation of the skin and even food allergies. By using probiotics you can prevent and even severely reduce the chances of your dog developing these issues.




There are a lot of vitamins that can improve your dog’s quality of life, growth, general health and life span. Varying types of Vitamin B will enable the enhancement nervous system productivity, blood circulation, a stronger heart, the metabolism and the formation of red blood cells. Vitamins also enhance vision, a dog’s skin and fur coat. Vitamin A for example will help with skeletal growth and strength of bones, while also guarding your dog from heart disease of suffering an unexpected stroke. Feeding multivitamins to your dog will cover the deficit of vitamins he doesn’t fully get from regular dog food.


Omega 3, Vitamins and Probiotics are just some of the supplements any dog can really benefit from. You can also look at folic acid that can reduce aging of the brain cells helping your dog live a longer happier life as a result. A lot of the concerns you may have with your dog aging could be reduced with proper vitamin nutrition.


Obviously, the breed and lifestyle of your dog will help determine exactly what type of nutrition and supplements are best for your dog. You can always have a chat with your vet for further information about what the best would be for your friend, or you can do more research right here as we cover the matter in detail in a lot of informative articles on this website.

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