Dog Arthritis – Things To Know About Helping Your Dog

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Dog arthritis is a condition which is usually seen in larger dog breeds that reach a certain age – the age of development varying on a breed by breed basis. Arthritis by definition relates to the inflammation of the joints which leads to poor mobility or even no mobility in some cases, accompanied by pain when having to stand or walk. Obviously, this is a nightmare scenario for any dog owner, having to go through this experience with their beloved pet. And while most dog owners will be aware of this condition, many will not be educated enough about the signs and prevention steps they can take to prevent this condition, or improve the quality of life of the pet if they are already suffering from it. So let’s get a bit of education and knowledge on the topic to help both you and your pet out with this serious condition.

Dog Arthritis Cure

While there isn’t a magic pill that instantly cures your dog of arthritis (as with most things in life), there are several things you can do to better manage this and alleviate a lot of the pain and agony your dog (and yourself by extension) might be going through. Once you put certain measures in place you’ll notice your dog will live a fairly comfortable, normal and even prolonged life as a result, which is naturally everyone’s aim.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make sure your beloved pet enjoys a comfortable bedding solution to make sure no extra trauma is caused to their joints. This is a huge step in reducing the amount of pain and suffering a dog with arthritis might be going through. A soft foam with comfortable bedding is one of the best ways to reward your older dog who is suffering from joint pain. After all, after so many years of companionship, your friend deserves what’s best for him. You don’t have to spend too much, just find something really comfortable that your dog can enjoy.

Another important option available to us is helping your dog exercise a bit, maybe two to three days per week at most, without putting any huge strain on him that might actually hurt him. There are several simple exercises you can try that are designed to alleviate joint pain and improve your dog’s day to day life.

Just as important when dealing with managing arthritis, is looking at the diet and weight control of your pet. It is our observation that it’s usually quite common in larger breeds to become overweight as the grow older, and the result is more pressure on the joints. A common mistake in dog owners who have larger breeds is to over feed them especially when they grow older and seem sad, unhappy and in pain, to somehow overcompensate for this. In reality, you could actually be making their condition worse, so be very careful with feeding them too much. They shouldn’t be gaining more weight at this stage.

With the right diet and supplements your dog can lead a healthy and pain free life. Click here to find out a proven solution that improves your dog’s quality of life, prolonging their life and reducing pain from arthritis in the process.

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