10 Reasons Your Dog Won’T Stop Barking And How To STOP It

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Barking is the most natural thing for a dog to do, it’s one of the most obvious ways for them to express themselves, to signal something, to garner attention. Obviously, we can’t expect our dog to never ever bark, but we can probably both agree that sometimes it’s important to be able to make your dog stop barking on command. Sometimes it can get annoying or even disturbing (especially around guests, neighbors or when you’re trying to get some sleep). Getting rid of your pet isn’t an option, so how do we stop them from barking whenever we need to? To understand how to stop it, we first need to understand the reasons why they bark excessively in the first place. So here are 10 reasons your dog won’t stop barking!

Reasons For Your Dog Barking


1. Communication


Barking is the main form of communication a dog has, and when you listen closely you will notice different tones and types of barking, depending on mood.


2. Intrusion


Dogs like to protect their territory and their owners, they feel it is their duty to do so. When strangers come in your vicinity their natural instinct is to warn you and to try and scare them away. The closer the ‘threat’ gets, the louder they will bark. It’s a defense mechanism that is meant to intimidate the ‘intruder’ and keep the territory safe.

3. Spirits


While spirits and ghosts might be of a fantastic nature, if your dog feels any strange vibes around him, any strange feelings that he can’t explain, he’ll start barking as a result.


4. Noise


Sudden unexpected noises will usually scare your dog into barking to ‘drive them away’ or to point your attention to them.


5. Attention


Dogs crave your attention at all times. If you don’t spend enough time with your pet, they may become disillusioned and will start barking in a desperate attempt to get you to spend some time with them. This can also happen if they are bored.


6. Fear


A dog will bark when they are afraid, either because of people, objects, noises, other animals or whatever might happen suddenly to scare them (thunder, fireworks etc). Whenever your dog is afraid the ears will be down to the back and the tail held low or between their legs.


7. Excitement


Most dogs will bark when they get excited as a form of expressing that excitement and happiness. This is a happy bark, the kind we all love to see.


8. Health Issues


This might be harder to catch, but sometimes a dog may bark because of a health problem, usually with age and lower hearing (can’t properly hear themselves bark and get scared).


9. Separation Anxiety


If your dog is left alone for too long, sooner or later they will develop separation anxiety. They’ll imagine their master never coming back and might express that through depression, destruction and loud desperate barking.


10. Compulsive Barking


This might sound funny at first but it can get annoying pretty fast. Your dog might simply like to hear itself bark, so they’ll bark often. Same goes with running around in circles or chasing their own tail.


Now that we have a good understanding of what causes barking in dogs, we can take some steps to control that. If you are looking for a tested and proven SIMPLE way to teach your dog to stop barking on command, then you absolutely HAVE TO SEE THIS.